Nick Sweeney’s Michael Profile

If you are curious about the Michael Profile and would like to learn more, I encourage you to read about the essence, goals, and more, here. Also, for educational purposes and so that you can see an example of an actual profile, I’m happy to share mine with you.

The following profile was channeled by Troy Tolley of TruthLoveEnergy.


The trues, lifetime and grand cycle counts, presented in this post, are more advanced information and not included in the basic Michael Profile that I offer.

My Own Profile – Essence Dynamics

  • Role: Sage (how I “shine”)
  • Casting: Priest (how I function on a day-to-day basis)
  • Energy Ratio: 20% focused/male and 80% creative/female
  • Frequency: 88
  • Soul Age: Old
  • Manifested Soul Age: Mature to Old
  • Soul Age Level: 6th (there are 7 levels within each soul age)
  • Lifetime: 211
  • Grand Cycle: 10
  • Essence Twin Role: Server

Personality Dynamics

  • Goal: Flow (sliding to Growth and Acceptance)
  • Mode: Observation (sliding to Passion and Reserve)
  • Attitude: Spiritualist
  • Centering/Part: Moving/Intellectual
  • Bodytypes: Mercurial/Venusian/Solar
  • Chief Negative Features: Impatience and Arrogance

Pillars of Vitality

  • True Work/Life Task: To Create True Sanctuary (“Active Peace”)
  • True Play:  Dancing, Sharing, Conversation
  • True Rest: Day Dreaming, Exchanging Touch, Sensing Subtleties
  • True Study: Inner and Outer Paths to Peace, Personal Dynamics of Behavior and Motivation, The Needs of Others

And that’s about it! If you would like to order your own Michael Profile please go to my services page to learn more.

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