The Michael Teachings

The core of The Michael Teachings and the most practical aspect of their teachings is the map they share to help us understand our souls, our personalities and our lifetimes.

The Michael Profile is a soul and personality map that shows us in a very profound and specific way what territories we are navigating this lifetime. It is a dynamic description of who we are at the soul and personality levels, where we are, where we are attempting to go and how we can get there.

Most people who begin studying this teaching will quickly work with a channel to get their profile so that they can make these teachings concrete and real, personally.

When receiving a Micheal Profile you will be able to familiarize yourself with 14 aspects of your being (sometimes more, depending on what is offered by the channel). Please navigate through the pages below the list to find out more about each aspect.

14 Aspects of the Michael Profile

  1. Role
  2. Casting
  3. Cadre/Entity (spiritual family)
  4. Energy Ratio (focused versus creative)
  5. Frequency
  6. Soul Age/Level
  7. Manifested Soul Age
  8. Essence Twin Role
  9. Goal
  10. Mode
  11. Attitude
  12. Centering and Part of Center
  13. Body type
  14. Chief Negative Features (obstacles)

Here is a directory to help you journey through the content of the Michael Profile.

Why knowing all this is helpful?

There are many more aspects to this teaching, but this is a good place to begin. And why share all of this anyway? Some ask what is the benefit of having all of this knowledge?

From Michael’s perspective, this mapping can be useful for helping us to know who/what we are, where we are and how to get to where we would like to be.

When we validate this information, it can help us to move away from many of our distractions so that we can simply enjoy who we are, where we are and where we are going.

Michael Entity offers this information as a tool to help us navigate our lives with more understanding, confidence, and compassion. Most importantly, they share this teaching with us to support the ultimate goal of reaching agape (unconditional love).

The good news is, we will all reach the goal, eventually, with or without this teaching. And for those of us who resonate with and apply this teaching, we have a powerful means to accelerate our growth and evolution.

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