2024 Spring Equinox: The Time is Now

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Life is hard, isn’t it? That’s not all it is, but damn! I like to think that as Divine beings, we designed it this way because for us, boredom is the worst. We like adventure! A good story to tell! Even a tragic story is worth telling, and it certainly gets our attention. Right about now, at the Spring Equinox, I have a feeling many of us have some juicy stories to tell.

In January, I had a TIA stroke, a “mini-stroke”. How bout’ you? What’s your story?

Of course, there’s more to the story because I’m still here! And if you’re reading these words, so are you. Whatever your story, you made it through. Congratulations! We’re still here. We get to begin, again. Oh, Spring! Oh, rebirth! What will we do with this burst of energy, this fountain of life-force?

I’d like to offer up some guidance on how to direct this powerful life-current flowing through us, now: do what makes you happy. As long as it doesn’t hurt yourself or anyone else, go ahead and do it. Does it inspire you? Does it ignite your passion? Does it light you up? Then, it’s time to just do it. There may be a lot to do in order to nurture your vision. Creation takes time. But do begin it!

I’m taking this Spring medicine, too, by the way. That’s why I’m writing this post. I get so lost in all the things I think I need to do before I can do what I want to do (it’s been over a year since my last blog-post)! I think this particular blockage has been called “preparation paralysis” and “perfectionism”. Uh, yeah, indeed!

But there comes a time when we’ve healed enough, envisioned enough, studied, prepared, evaluated, and practiced enough. At some point, we just have to put our creations out there. We have to put ourselves out there. Now, is the time. We’re all on different paths, but I bet there is some action you can take toward your dreams. If you’ve been wondering when to begin, now is the time.

Take it away, Mary Oliver:

“Doesn’t everything die at last and too soon?
Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life.”

~From Poem 133: The Summer Day

For myself, with my one wild and precious life, I want to continue being of service to others as they summon the courage to heal, learn to love themselves, and unleash their creativity into the world. I want to keep talking about Spirit, the essence of who we are, the Great Mystery of who we are. More, please! My muses are authenticity, simplicity, humility, creativity, and service. One foot in front of the other, and the path unfolds beneath my feet.

And you? Who are you? What is your message? What will you do with your one wild and precious life?

Vision comes, then we do our best to move in that direction. It takes courage and curiosity to do so. It takes openness to learning. Only fear can stop us, if we let it. Courage, curiosity, and openness to learning helps us put fear into proper perspective. Now, is the time to understand our fears, to feel the fear, and follow our vision, anyway.

The card I pulled just now reflects this powerful Springtime of new beginnings:

The Father of Fire in you is no joke! He reflects your passion, vision, inspiration, strength, power, presence, and sense of purpose. He is a leader, and so are you. First and foremost, we are leaders of our own lives, setting a unique example from which others can draw inspiration and courage for living authentically. Attune to the ancient fire in your heart, in your belly. Whatever it is, you can begin it. Follow your heart. Now, is the time.

Old wounds may be surfacing. Tears may be flowing. Relationships may be intense, right now, asking us to be vulnerable, tell the truth, and own our own reactions, stories, and feelings. But take a look at how far you have come! If there has been a great deal of shadow-work in your life, recently, it’s purpose has been to deepen you and show you just how far you’ve come. Every time we have the courage to face our wounds honestly, as they surface, we get to heal and integrate our old stories into a kind of medicine that we share with the world.

You are the medicine! Know that you’ll never be done healing and evolving. Know that you can share yourself with the world from wherever you are. Your imperfections are inspiring! Rough edges make you real and relatable. The time of presenting a false perfection to the world is over. That was the old paradigm. This new paradigm invites us to be transparent and real about our humbling-ly slow evolution while we share ourselves, heal, teach, grow. So, it is ok to be exactly where you are and still put your passions out there. You are worth it. We need you.

Now, is the time.

2024 Spring Equinox Astrological Reflections
(for a brief introduction to astrology on my site, click here)

*Sun from Pisces into Aries ~ from communion with the Divine into worldly action!

*Sun out-of-sign conjunct Neptune ~ be gentle and courageous, listen, dream, explore consciousness itself, receive the “download” from Universal Mind, be a Spiritual Warrior

*Sun sextile Pluto ~ face your shadow, be honest with yourself, catharsis, heal and feel a new level of purpose and presence in the world

*Moon in Leo ~ Radical self-acceptance, radical self-love, integration of The Child within, bold creative self-expression

*Mercury conjunct Chiron ~ “messages” and insight into your healing journey, healing communications

*Mercury conjunct North Node of the Moon ~ seeing karma through fresh eyes, possibility, the future calls, choice

*Venus conjunct Saturn ~ fulfilling relationships take commitment, focus, and attention, growing pains, maturity, the reality of love

*Jupiter conjunct Uranus ~ your creative spirit won’t be contained, awakening, restlessness, seize the day, breakthrough

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