Tao and Michael’s Teachings

What Does Tao Mean?

In Chinese philosophy, the tao is considered to be “the way.” From the perspective of Michael’s Teaching, we tend to call the tao “home.”

Before I go into more detail about the tao, I will explain who “Michael” is. Michael is a group of souls, a collective of consciousness, who teach from the causal plane of existence.  They say that they used to exist as humans, too, just like us, and experienced all of the challenges, successes, joys, and sorrows that we experience. Only, they have all completed their cycles of human lives. Since “cycling off” the physical plane, they have reunited all of their individual soul fragments into one collective, group consciousness on the astral plane, and now continue their evolution and fulfill their teaching agreements with their students from the causal plane.

Because Michael (or the Michaels) no longer have physical bodies or personalities, they must work with a medium or channel in order to communicate with and share their teaching. I am one of these channels. However, I am not the only one, as Michael works through multiple channels.

You may be thinking “What is all this about dead people, causal planes and channels? Is this guy for real?”

Believe it or not, I continue to have doubts and questions just as you may have.  And I believe this is the grounded and smart approach to take in a realm that is still very mysterious and misunderstood by our collective consciousness at this time. So, I will say yes, I am for real! I have had enough experiences and validations since being introduced to Michael and their teaching in 2007, that I KNOW that something extraordinary and very real is happening here.  However, I remain open and continue to doubt and question.  And Michael wouldn’t have it any other way.

Even if the source is not quite what we think it is (maybe channeling is just some extraordinary process in our brains that we don’t yet understand), the insight and information can be used to help gain a greater understanding into the mystery of you and the mysteries of life. 

In Michael’s own words:

“We offer a way to human understanding based on our own experience, first as humans ourselves in both troubled and tranquil times and now as the reintegrated fragments of a causal body no longer alive as you know it but still with keen awareness of what being human entails.

Our purpose is to teach some understanding of the evolution of the physical plane so that the student can reach some insight into human behavior which will enable him then to stop brooding over interpersonal relationships or the lack thereof and concentrate on personal life plans.”

~ Messages From Michael by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

Michael’s teaching encourages self-responsibility and owning the consequences of our choices.  It is a teaching that promotes self-acceptance and self-understanding, giving us tools we can use to help us allow and create the most personally fulfilling life possible, an inspiring and enjoyable life that is grounded, realistic and completely within our reach.  It is a profoundly useful teaching, but it is not THE teaching. There are many paths of evolution within the tao, and all are valid.

If you feel drawn to what Michael teaches, then perhaps you will study their teaching and have interactions with them yourself.  Then, I will leave it for you to decide what is true for you.

Tao is Home

We are a part of a greater whole that Michael calls the tao.  Tao is the seen and unseen Universe in which we exist. Michael specifically picked this term instead of the word God because they knew we would not be able to personify it.  In this teaching, tao refers to the greater whole that birthed us and to which we will always belong.  Tao is the context in which we exist, our “playground,” so to speak, our Home.

The Structure of Tao – three axes of experience

The structure of tao is made up of three axes of experience:

  • inspiration (being),
  • expression (having),
  • and action (doing).

Each of these axes presents two aspects:

  • an ordinal aspect (concrete, narrow),
  • and a cardinal aspect (abstract, broad). 

There is a neutral realm of experience (where all experience is “recorded”) that permeates the three axes, which Michael calls the realm of assimilation (knowing). This reflects a total of 7 distinct aspects of experience within the tao.

7 planes / dimensions

From this basic foundational structure of 7, comes the 7 planes (or dimensions) which exist within the tao:

  • the buddhic,
  • messianic,
  • mental,
  • akashic,
  • causal,
  • astral
  • and physical planes.

Tao is the whole of the planes that is greater than the sum of the parts.  It is the gravity which holds all the planes in place and the context within which the planes exist.  Tao permeates all planes, even as it transcends all planes.

Phew!  Is your head spinning, yet?

If you’d like to go a bit further down the rabbit hole and learn some very broad information about the nature of your soul (or essence) and how your soul ages as it lives multiple incarnations, click the button below to continue your journey.

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