The core of The Michael Teachings and the most practical aspect of their teachings is the map they share to help us understand our souls, our personalities and our lifetimes.

The Michael Profile is a soul and personality map that shows us in a very profound and specific way what territories we are navigating this lifetime. It is a dynamic description of who we are at the soul and personality levels, where we are, where we are attempting to go and how we can get there.

Most people who begin studying this teaching will quickly work with a channel to get their profile so that they can make these teachings concrete and real, personally.

When receiving a Micheal Profile you will be able to familiarize yourself with 14 aspects of your being (sometimes more, depending on what is offered by the channel). Please navigate through the pages below the list to find out more about each aspect.

14 Aspects of the Michael Profile

  1. Role
  2. Casting
  3. Cadre/Entity (spiritual family)
  4. Energy Ratio (focused versus creative)
  5. Frequency
  6. Soul Age/Level
  7. Manifested Soul Age
  8. Essence Twin Role
  9. Goal
  10. Mode
  11. Attitude
  12. Centering and Part of Center
  13. Body type
  14. Chief Negative Features (obstacles)

Here is a directory to help you journey through the content of the Michael Profile.

Why knowing all this is helpful?

There are many more aspects to this teaching, but this is a good place to begin. And why share all of this anyway? Some ask what is the benefit of having all of this knowledge?

From Michael's perspective, this mapping can be useful for helping us to know who/what we are, where we are and how to get to where we would like to be.

When we validate this information, it can help us to move away from many of our distractions so that we can simply enjoy who we are, where we are and where we are going.

Michael Entity offers this information as a tool to help us navigate our lives with more understanding, confidence, and compassion. Most importantly, they share this teaching with us to support the ultimate goal of reaching agape (unconditional love).

The good news is, we will all reach the goal, eventually, with or without this teaching. And for those of us who resonate with and apply this teaching, we have a powerful means to accelerate our growth and evolution.

In this article, we will explore topics on karma, astrology, and the language of astrology. We will look closer into the meaning of planets, signs, and houses, and how that impacts our life.

Saturn, "Lord of Karma"

Astrology & Karma

According to Wikipedia, "astrology, in its broadest sense, is the search for meaning in the sky."

I like this Wikipedia definition of astrology above because ultimately, that's what the study and practice of astrology is all about meaning creation. When we use astrology to help us create meaning, we are able to broaden and heighten our perspective on what it means to be a human in Earth School. This perspective supports us in gracefully dealing with life's challenges and creating more joy in each moment.

Astrology is a symbolic language that helps us become aware of and attune to the patterns and themes that arise and pass away in our lives. Through the observation of the heavenly bodies and the synchronous events that correspond to their movements in the sky, we are able to glimpse an awesome order that exists beyond the seemingly random events that happen "down here."

We are also able to gain much insight into our own personality dynamics and life patterns because the astrological natal chart (position of the sun, moon and planets at the time and place of your birth) shows how we at the soul level setup the exploration of our karma for this lifetime.

The entire astrological natal chart represents one's karma.

Michael defines karma as "any imbalance that is generated from the intensity that also interferes with the choices of the self or another." Karma can be created from positive or negative experiences. 

Our natal charts can give great insight into how our souls setup our lifetimes in order to balance certain karmas. Through transits and progressions (literal and symbolic movement of planets after your birth and in relation to your natal chart), we can map the unfolding and activation of karmic themes throughout our lives.

Understanding our karma helps us to understand the higher perspective of the soul, and helps us to create another pathway for an opening to agape/unconditional love. Through the process of creating and balancing karma, we learn what are the ramifications of our choices. As we learn and grow (during a single lifetime and over the course of many lifetimes through soul age perspective) we eventually come to own our choices and to evolve in our capacity to make choices that are more loving, compassionate and fulfilling.

The Language of Astrology

Astrology is a symbolic language that uses planets, signs, and houses in order to communicate a vast array of information and insight that can help us bring a deeper understanding to our lives. Each of these components describes a specific area of karmic exploration.


  • Karma having to do with fundamental human needs

This is the "what" - self-expression (Sun), communication (Mercury), relating (Venus), etc.


  • Karma having to do with the 12 archetypal styles for fulfilling those fundamental human needs.

This is the "how" - assertively (Aries), sympathetically (Cancer), idealistically (Sagittarius), etc.


  • Karma having to do with areas of life experience.

This is the "where" - finances/material security (2nd house), home-life (4th house), profession (10th house), etc,

Now, let's look more in-depth into each astrological aspect, the planets, the signs, and the houses and find out about some of the areas of karmic exploration that they symbolize.

The Planets (the "what")

  • Sun - self-karma, being, and authentic self-expression, the need to shine, vitality/life-force
  • Moon - self-image, subconscious patterns, conditioning and habit, the need to nurture/be nurtured
  • Mercury - intellect, rational mind, interpretation, communication, the need to exchange information
  • Venus - desires, values, attraction, sex, relating/relationships, the need for intimacy and union
  • Mars - passion, drive, aggression, anger, sex, self-assertion, the need for taking action
  • Jupiter - higher aspiration, beliefs, ethics, philosophy, trust, the need for meaning and expansion
  • Saturn - limitation, necessity, responsibility, focus, effort, discipline, the need for solidarity and security
  • Uranus - excitement, restlessness, breaks from tradition, innovation, the need for liberation/freedom
  • Neptune - dissolution of boundaries and feeling one with the whole, the need for compassion and acceptance
  • Pluto - decay, death/rebirth, transformation, the power of evolution, the need for full integration and purpose

The Signs (the "how")

  • Aries - assertive, quick to take action, impulsive, spontaneous, self-centered, courageous
  • Taurus - sensual, savoring, natural, slow and steady, determined, a connoisseur of beauty and fine things
  • Gemini - playful/light, friendly, curious, social, scattered, intellectual, expressive, communicative
  • Cancer - cautious, reserved, intuitive, emotional, sympathetic, nurturing, dreamy, romantic
  • Leo - bold, confident, authoritative, generous, creative, "larger than life," fun-loving, childlike
  • Virgo - analytical, discriminating, critical, perfecting, pragmatic, helpful, humble, self-effacing
  • Libra - social, other-centered, relationship-oriented, harmonious, artistic, diplomatic, seeks balance and fairness
  • Scorpio - intense, passionate, private, probing, psychological, catalytic, transformational, taboo-oriented
  • Sagittarius - freedom-loving, idealistic, aspiring, optimistic, future-oriented, philosophical, bohemian
  • Capricorn - traditional, goal-oriented, reserved, cautious, practical, authoritative, organized, responsible
  • Aquarius - eclectic, social, political, humanitarian, intuitive, innovative, intellectual, impersonal
  • Pisces - soulful, intuitive, service-oriented, emotional, dreamy, creative, imaginative, compassionate

The Houses (the "where")

  • 1st House - the personality, the persona, appearance, general health, and vitality, early life experience
  • 2nd House - personal possessions, what you own, the body, gifts, talents, values, income, "wealth"
  • 3rd House - kin, siblings, neighbors/neighborhood, concrete mind, schooling/learning, communications
  • 4th House - the base of operations, home, roots, private/inner life, soul-life, family, parents, imprinting
  • 5th House - creative self-expression: children, hobbies, entertainment, romance, speculation, fun-and-games
  • 6th House - self-improvement, health, daily routines/rituals, work, duty, responsibilities, service
  • 7th House - others, partnerships (therapeutic, business and romantic), the spouse, open-enemies/conflict
  • 8th House - others' resources/shared resources, sharing, deep intimacy, death, "the dead," afterlife, inheritances
  • 9th House - abstract mind/higher mind and philosophical pursuits, long-distance travel, foreigners/foreign lands
  • 10th House - vocation, profession, career, contribution, power, status, authority, public life, public persona
  • 11th House - group consciousness, social awareness, friends, support, goals, vision, and planning for the future
  • 12th House - solitude, hidden matters & "enemies," karmic matters, problematic habits/behaviors, spiritual practice

I hope by now you are blown away, and this is just the tip of the iceberg! I am continuously amazed by the wealth and depth of information and insight into myself and others that can be gathered through the study of this ancient art. But the benefits of astrology don't stop at information and insight. They also include self-acceptance, healing and bringing a kind of "soul-vision" into day-to-day life that helps us to navigate the "ups and downs" with more clarity and confidence.


The Universe resounds with the joyful cry I am!

- Scriabin

If you would like to begin studying astrology, there are a few books that I can recommend on my resources page.

To schedule an astrological consultation so that you can learn more about your own and/or others' karmic patterns/themes, please visit my services and find out what steps to take next.

If you would like to learn about Healing with Reiki to achieve balance on a physical, emotional, intellectual and/or spiritual level, please go to my Healing with Reiki section.

If you have any questions, you can always contact me via my web form, directly via email or by messenger (chat is available down below). I look forward to assisting you in returning to wholeness.

Healing with Reiki and the Reiki System of Natural Healing is powerful yet accessible to all healing method. There are sever healing principles and seven basic Reiki elements. You will learn all about that in this article.

Healing equals a return to wholeness on a physical, emotional, intellectual and/or spiritual level.

As a spiritual, complementary and alternative healer, I partner-up with others to assist their healing on all levels. But it is healing at the spiritual level where I aim my primary intent. Though our spiritual reality is the subtlest realm of our being, the rest of our lives is built from how we align or fail to align with this fundamental core. Healing at the spiritual level then supports healing in all other levels of our being.

From Michael's perspective, all of our incarnations represent one long healing journey where we grow from division to unity/wholeness. For older souls (Mature and Old), bringing more consciousness to the healing journey becomes more of a primary focus for the lifetime.

7 Healing Principles

Here are 7 Healing Principles in which I base my healing work:

  1. Healing is always available
    If it is our intention to heal, then the process is already in motion. It is then our responsibility to commit to the healing journey, follow through on our impulses and intuition, and open to the support that is within and around us.
  2. Healing is a process
    All of life is a healing process, as all of life is an evolutionary journey, a continuous opportunity to experience greater and greater levels of order, clarity, harmony, happiness, and wholeness. This process never ends...not even when the physical life ends.
  3. Healing is a personal journey
    What one person needs for healing, may not be what other needs. What one person can accomplish or allow in two days, for another may take several years. There is no judgment or standard on the healing process.  The healing process is unique for each of us.
  4. All healing is self-healing
    The person seeking healing is the one who does the work of healing. A "healer" can offer his or her information, insight, comfort, encouragement, support, clarity, love, and resonance to healing energies, but it is the person seeking healing who takes these offerings and uses them for the process of healing. No one heals you. You invite support for healing your self. This is even true in the world of conventional medicine.
  5. True healing includes Spirit/Essence
    True healing will always draw upon the unlimited resources of your Self as essence/spirit/soul, and by extension, "God," Tao, Universal Mind, Higher Power-however you conceptualize the Creator of all, the Source. Relief from symptoms is not the same as healing: relief brings a temporary cessation of symptoms, while healing repairs the cause of the symptoms.
  6. Healing in the lighter bodies affects healing in the denser bodies
    All of your bodies can be wounded and therefore healed: the physical, emotional, mental/intellectual and spiritual. The spiritual body is the finest and lightest body and encompasses the rest. Healing in the soul, mind, and heart affects healing in the body.
  7. Love is the greatest healer.
    Truth is a healer. Energy is a healer. Love is the greatest healer. The all-encompassing love of tao is agape-complete and unconditional acceptance and resonance. This is what Life offers to all of us all of the time. It is up to us to accept it, receive it and allow our return to wholeness.

The Reiki System of Natural Healing

"Reiki" is a Japanese word that refers to the basic universal life-force of tao, as well as the system of tools and techniques that help us to open to and use this infinite healing power that lies within us.

"Rei" = spiritual
"Ki"  = energy (life-force)

Reiki = spiritual energy (universal life-force energy)

5 Basic Reiki Elements

There are five basic elements that compose the Reiki System:

  1. Reiki Principles (guidelines to live by which help us heal)
  2. Initiations/Attunements (rituals for cleansing the energy system which allows us to channel more life-force)
  3. Ki-meditations (cleansing and renewing the energy system)
  4. Hands-on healing (channeling the life-force through the hands to support balance and healing)
  5. Symbols and Mantras (deepening the connection to the life-force and for supporting distant healing)

One of the most empowering things about the Reiki System is that it is based on the principles of self-care and self-practice. One is taught the importance of healing the self before committing to helping others heal.

The Reiki System is taught in 3 levels, and each step deepens our understanding of and connection to the healing power of the universal life-force.

Reiki I and Reiki II focus on self-healing and healing support for family and friends.

The Reiki Master-Teacher level focuses on a commitment to one's own healing and self-mastery, as well as a commitment to teach others how to use the Reiki System.

The Reiki System provides a simple yet elegant way to activate one's inner healing power, and it is easy to learn. Anyone can learn how to use this system to support one's healing and self-improvement. It is a gentle yet powerful pathway of learning to take our health and healing into our own hands.

To schedule a healing session or a series of healing sessions, please visit my Services and find out what steps to take next.

If you would like to learn about how understanding karma and astrology can help you accelerate your return to wholeness, click on the button below.

If you have any questions, you can always contact me via my web form, directly via email or by messenger (chat is available down below). I look forward to assisting you in returning to wholeness.


These services are available to you for support on your spiritual healing and evolutionary journey. My intent with this work is to help you heal, grow in your spiritual connection and begin to experience increasing peace, freedom, and fulfillment in your everyday life.

I have listed my offerings in order of how I recommend working with me and utilizing my services so that I can be most effective in supporting you and do what I do best as a mentor, healer, and counselor.

Of course, you are free to choose to work with me however you like and feel guided by your heart and intuition.

The last two offerings (Intuitive Reading & Counseling and Party & Group Astrological and Tarot Readings) live outside of my spiritual mentoring, healing, and counseling plan and have no specific recommendation in terms of how to utilize these services.  They are generally insightful, healing, helpful, informative, magical, and fun for any context and occasion!

Work with me in-person or via Zoom, Skype, phone, Discord (download here), or my website chatroom

For most of my services, (excluding Reiki System training and Party and Group Astrological and Tarot Readings) I am available via Discord and my website chatroom (for Michael channeling), Zoom, Skype, and phone.  If you live in or are visiting the San Diego area, we can meet in person!

Write to me and let's schedule some time to talk about how I can best be of service to you.

*All appointment times are in Pacific Time. Please adjust accordingly to your time zone and taking into account daylight savings time.

How to Order a Service

In order to purchase your service/session, please click on the Paypal link underneath the service of your choice. You will be directed to another page in order to complete your purchase. Immediately following, please email me at to let me know you have purchased a service and would like to schedule time with me (please also include your phone number, if you would prefer me to call you rather than email). I will get in touch with you within 24-48hrs in order to schedule your session.

And if you have any questions about these services, please feel free to reach out to me via my email:  I'm happy to answer any questions you may have.

I look forward to our sacred time together. Peace and many blessings!

Just a quick note

If you feel a strong resonance with me and desire to work with me, and you are financially challenged, please let me know, as I do try to find a way to work with everyone who seeks my services and is also serious about their spiritual growth, healing, and evolution. Email me at the address above and let's work it out together.

24-hour Cancellation Policy

A 24-hour cancellation policy applies to all sessions. I reserve the right to retain full payment for cancellations within 24hrs, with the exception of non-work-related emergencies.


If you would like to support me and my spiritual healing and counseling work, please click on the donate button below, and thank you for your generous support!

My Services

1. Astrological Readings

Gone are the days of rigid, predictive astrology! Thank Tao! We have entered the age of quantum physics where it is now accepted that consciousness does affect our objective and material reality. So, YOU are the other half of the astrological equation.Your consciousness matters.  Your choices matter.  You are free to choose and engage your natal chart (or birth chart) creatively, as you go about creating a life that you love. Fate can only win if you choose NOT to choose. And even not choosing is a choice.

When you come for an astrological consultation, you are inviting more consciousness into your awareness, into your life patterns and behaviors, so that you can choose more wisely, more freely, and create your life more effectively and joyously.

Your natal chart gives you a great deal of insight and information about how your life is designed to run most smoothly and harmoniously. It tells us, in symbolic form, what makes you feel most alive, what makes you happiest, what is the most natural persona to cultivate in the world, where your most meaningful sense of purpose and destiny lie, how to create the most fulfilling relationships, and much more.

It also tells us where you are likely to get "hung-up" and "stalled" in your effort to live life to the fullest.  It shows us your karmic predicament and your soul's evolutionary intent.  This is powerful stuff!

Are you ready to delve deeper into your sanctuary of self-knowledge? Are you ready to take that self-knowledge and apply it through confident action and fulfilling creation in the playground of life? Then, I look forward to working with you!

Note: Individual readings are $300 for 2-3hrs of time with me in person, over Zoom, Skype, or the phone.  Relationship readings are $500 (at least one of you in the "couple" has to have already had a natal chart reading done by me). All readings are recorded and emailed to you after your session.

Natal Chart

I described a bit about this reading above. This is where we look at the main life territories through which your hero's journey will unfold, with all of its mythologies, shadows, and gifts.  In addition to the basic pattern and tone of your life map, we will also look at the "chart behind the natal chart" in order to gain profound insight into the basic karmic story your soul brought into this lifetime.

The karmic story tells us what remains unresolved from your past and where you are likely to unconsciously repeat unproductive habits that would tend to derail you from reaching your full potential. The karmic analysis tells us precisely where you are vulnerable this lifetime so that you can be armed with awareness and compassion for yourself and begin to or continue your healing. But it also tells us what the healing medicine is for you and how to guide your life-force with conscious choice in order to experience self-actualization, evolution, and fulfillment.

In a nutshell, we will acknowledge your weaknesses and challenges, give you "medicine" to help you heal from the past, reinforce and validate your strengths and gifts, empower your most fulfilling directions and celebrate your unique potential.

Transits & Progressions (Birthdays & "The Year Ahead")

From the moment you are born the unique mandala of forces symbolized by your natal chart begin to unfold and evolve. Transit charts help us to glean your current astrological "weather forecast," while progression charts give insight into where you are in the more intimate unfolding of your own personal evolutionary intent. At any given moment, we can look at these transit and progression charts to understand exactly which evolutionary questions, themes, challenges, and opportunities are being highlighted for you and in which areas of life: personal style, education and learning, destiny, career, health/vitality, emotional fulfillment and healing, relationships, home-life, day-to-day work and more.

Most people, after having their natal charts read, like to check their transits and progressions with me once each year or every couple of years around their Solar Return (birthday!). This is a powerful way to honor yourself and gain insight into the meaning of your current life experiences. Armed with these astrological insights, you can see clearly where you have been and confidently navigate where you are and where you are going.

Note: I request that you have a natal chart consultation with me before having your transits and progressions read.

Relationship Chemistry & Compatibility

People always ask me who they should date in terms of sun-sign/zodiac sign compatibility. I always tell them that the sign the sun is in in the natal chart is a very central and important piece of the puzzle in understanding who someone is, what their potential shadow behavior can look like, what their potential virtuous behavior can look like and the basic quality of chemistry between that person and a friend, family member, co-worker, lover or mate. Then, I quickly add that the sun is only one factor in the natal chart! You have 8 other planets (plus the moon, which makes 9) in one of the twelve signs, and all of these heavenly bodies are in one of the twelve houses of the birth-chart. The natal chart is very complex...just like a human being! To give powerful insight into any relationship's chemistry and compatibility, I have to see both individual's natal charts.  And then I always finish my answer by saying that no matter the quality of the chemistry and compatibility (soft and easy, hard and challenging, or a mix of both...which is usually the case) between two people, anyone can be with anyone and have a successful and beautiful relationship. There are many factors to success in a relationship, but the most critical one is the consciousness of the two people involved. No matter how wonderful and easy the astrological relationship chemistry, no matter how much history and love the two peoples' souls share, if one person is relating from an unconscious place of reaction, defense, and self-protection, it can destroy any relationship. On the flip side, no matter how challenging and hard the relationship chemistry, no matter how little history and love the two peoples' souls share, if one and especially both people are relating from a conscious place of responsibility, openness, and vulnerability, then any relationship can work and be successful.

With this reading, I look at each individual's natal chart and get a sense of who they are as individuals and how they as individuals challenge each other or harmonize with each other. Then, I look at their charts in relation to each other and see what the more specific chemistry is between them. Finally, as I present all the information and insight, I emphasize where more awareness if likely needed in the relationship to keep shadow expressions from destroying it and where more emphasis on the strengths of the relationship can help to balance the challenges and amplify the beauty and fulfillment in the relationship.

And that's about it in a nutshell! Sit down with me, and let's have a cup of tea while we honor one of the most profound and mysterious realities of human life.

Note: I request that at least one person in the relationship have their natal chart read by me before ordering a Relationship Reading. 

  • Natal Chart, Transit & Progression/Weather Forecast, 2-3hrs, $300


When I learned about Nick from someone else who had received a reading, I knew that I wanted to reach out to him for a reading of my own. My session with Nick was wonderful, enjoyable, and both illuminating and reinforcing of self knowledge. Nick's reading was thorough and beautiful and satisfying in an indelible way. Since my reading with Nick (which I have re-listened to a few times, picking up more and more each time) I have directed him to several close people in my life, who also feel seen and informed by his gorgeous cosmological nebulous web of beauty and knowledge. I am so grateful to have had a reading from Nick and would advocate for others to avail him of his immense and prescient talent.

~Jonny, Educational Designer, Vancouver, Canada

  • Relationship Chemistry & Compatability, 2-3hrs $300

2. Reiki Healing for Your Mind, Body, and Soul

A Reiki healing session is a sacred time where you are invited to relax and do nothing. You are invited to simply let go and allow the natural healing intelligence and movement of your spiritual life-force do what it knows how to do best, in the moment, to support you wherever you are on your evolutionary journey through life. As you relax, you release tension and stress and receive the life-force into the deepest recesses of your subtle energy system, body, heart, and mind. Your inner healer (the soul) begins and/or continues a process of repairing what has been damaged within your being.

During your session, you lie comfortably on a massage table, while Reiki (spiritual life-force energy) is activated by touch to flow through your being, as my hands are placed gently on or near your body (or symbolically placed on or near your body in a distance healing session). This is often experienced as a "cleansing" or "re-balancing" of your heart, mind, and body. Ultimately, this strengthened flow of life-force through your being encourages deep healing right where you are most ripe and ready for change and forward evolution.

Reiki healing helps you remember and come home to who you truly are as a spiritual being having a human experience. From this place of peace, love, and clarity, you are in a better place from which to cooperate with your healing process and make more conscious choices that support your accelerated healing and growth.

The benefits of Reiki healing are cumulative. Each time you receive a session, you strengthen your spiritual healing and increase your awareness of your true self.

Healing sessions can be used in the contexts below, and the more chronic and long-term the issue, the more consistent a schedule of regular treatments is necessary for healing:

  • energy "tune-up," for regular, preventative health-care maintenance
  • short-term relief, of pain, stress, chronic issues, etc.
  • long-term healing of a chronic issue

In my experience, energy healing can bring benefit no matter what the physical, emotional, mental, and/or spiritual issue.  Here are a few specific issues with which you may need support:

  • low energy/vitality
  • stress (day-to-day life, transitions, illness, trauma, etc.)
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • sadness/grief
  • self-esteem issues
  • pain relief
  • pre/post-operative support

If you have never experienced this type of healing work and want to see if it is effective for you, or you would simply like to experience the work through me before making a commitment, I am happy to offer you a complimentary, 20-minute, seated in a chair, Reiki treatment.

For your first session with me, I do recommend 90-minutes, as there is an initial intake and "getting to know you" process that can require a bit more time than in later sessions, and this would ensure that you have more time for the table/body-work portion of your first session.

Tune-Ups, Maintenance & Short-Term Relief

  • 60min / $150
  • 90min / $200

Tune-Ups, Maintenance & Short-Term Relief, 60min

Tune-Ups, Maintenance & Short-Term Relief, 90min

Long-term Healing of Chronic Issues, $550

Long-term Healing of Chronic Issues is a package of three 90min sessions (3x90min).

Distance Healing, $125

Distance Healing:

  • 60min, we connect via Zoom, Skype or phone before and after the healing session
  • please reach out to me to discuss whether or not distance healing could be effective for you


I have worked with Nick for some time now and as we’ve come to the end of this cycle of distance healings I feel as though my life has changed. His healing transmissions worked at a deep level, which allowed me to really get a simple but powerful teaching. I learnt it and then ‘felt’ it! Nick supported me to know that love is always with me no matter what is happening in my life, and in fact I am love at the deepest part of me. This realization and his energy healing, worked to shift compacted and negative energy and so enabled me to really feel the love of the divine. Nick is very skilled at what he does, but humble as he will share parts of his journey, which means that it is easy to share your own struggles or uncertainties. The thing I have also loved about working with Nick is that he is genuine and not driven by money, which means he is flexible and understanding, so you can go at your own pace. Lastly, Nick is full of light and love, he is a great example of what he teaches. I highly recommend Nick for his breadth of knowledge, his loving presence, his generosity and his exceptional healing powers.

~Patricia, Researcher, Auckland, New Zealand

3. Reiki System Training as a Spiritual Healing Path & Practice

The founder of The Reiki System, Mikao Usui, originally intended for the Reiki teachings and tools to be a spiritual healing path and practice that would ultimately help guide his students to enlightenment. Enlightenment! Now, there is a big and elusive concept!

What IS enlightenment?

Is enlightenment in the future?  Or is it already here and now?

And if we ever experience it, does it mean we are then exempt from the pain, frustrations, disappointments, and challenges of life?

These are core questions that we contemplate along the Reiki path and practice.

Learning the teachings and practices of the Reiki System of Natural Healing initiates us into a more meditative and contemplative way of life. It slows us down and helps us to perceive our lives with more subtlety. It helps us open up to the natural pulse and flow of life so that we can experience who we truly are.

These gifts are experienced here and now, and as we apply the teachings and practice using the tools, we find ourselves being graced with more peace, freedom, and fulfillment in life. We find ourselves experiencing more and more unconditional love for the whole wonder of physical life and existence itself.

Reiki I, The Awakening, $600

This is where everyone's Reiki System journey begins. It is a two-day, experiential exploration of Reiki or spiritual life-force. You will receive four initiations that will help you deepen your spiritual connection while strengthening the flow of life-force through you. You will also learn a simple meditation for grounding and presence, as well as a hands-on healing protocol for your own spiritual healing, self-care practice and a protocol to support the spiritual growth and healing of others. This class teaches you the foundational teachings and practices of the Reiki System and gives you everything you need to create a solid spiritual healing practice that will begin showing benefits of more peace, freedom, and fulfillment from the very beginning and continue to nurture your growth for the rest of your life.

Reiki II, The Deepening, $600

In this two-day class, you will be initiated into the mysteries of the three-fold nature of the life-force through the introduction and exploration of three mantras and three symbols. Whereas Reiki I focuses on experiencing the presence of the life-force in the body (Earth connection) and through touch, Reiki II builds upon that foundation and focuses on the presence of the life-force in the mind (Heaven connection) and through intention. In addition to learning to use these mantras and symbols to deepen your Reiki practice, you will also learn a simple method for hands-off or at-a-distance spiritual healing practice that can be used to support yourself or others. Through these teachings, you will leave class with an expansion in your consciousness and a growing awareness of the non-linear aspects of the life-force and its ability to transcend time and space.

Reiki Master, The Great Mystery, Price TBD

This class teaches you how to initiate others into the Reiki lineage. More than that, it initiates you into a life-long journey of deepening your awareness of spirit and your awareness of yourself. After this class, you AS the life-force will create your own unique spiritual healing path through life while learning to enjoy unconditional love and enlightenment right here, right now.

Note: Before reserving your spot in an upcoming Reiki I or Reiki II class by paying your $200 deposit, please get in touch with me to see if there is still room in the class.

  • Deposit for Reiki I or Reiki II, $200

4. Studying with the Michael Entity

If you are looking for a "no-nonsense" yet compassionate teacher and guide who can give you a broader perspective on your ego, your soul, your relationships, your life's journey and more, without ever shaming, scolding or judging you, then Michael may be a teacher for you.

Michael will answer any question you ask, as no question is too mundane for them. However, be prepared for a response that is not sugar-coated. They are clear and direct in their communications and do not seek to pander to or flatter your ego. Their intent is to assist you in your personal and spiritual evolution, giving you tools that you can use to become more conscious and confident in navigating your life.

That being said, Michael never asks that you blindly accept what they say, for they could be incorrect in their interpretation of your Akashic records, and/or what comes through could be "bad" channeling. Built into their teaching is an emphasis on study, as well as questioning and validating any information given. Growth and comprehension come from work with Michael over time, as you validate their teaching for yourself and apply what you have learned within the various contexts of your life.

Michael Profile, $65

Michael Profile consists of a report on what type of soul essence you are, your soul age, life-goal, mode of operation, attitude, primary obstacle and more. You can read Michael Profile example here.

Note: You will not be present for this channeling.  I will schedule the time to channel your profile on my own and then email you the profile once I have received all of the profile information from Michael. Also, the flow of information for the profile tends to be less immediate than in a live session. I'm not sure why this is, but it means that your profile may come 1 to 4 weeks later (on average) than the scheduled date I set aside for the channeling. Please take this into consideration when selecting this service.

Pillars of Vitality Report, $125

Pillars of Vitality Report provides insights into your true work/life task with comments, as well as suggestions for your true play, true rest, and true study.

Note: You will not be present for this channeling.  I will schedule the time to channel your report on my own and then email you the report once I have received all of the relevant information from Michael. Also, the flow of information for the reports tends to be less immediate than in a live session. I'm not sure why this is, but it means that your report may come 1 to 4 weeks later (on average) than the scheduled date I set aside for the channeling. Please take this into consideration when selecting this service.

Your 3 Primary Needs Report, $125

Your 3 Primary Needs Report from Michaels' teaching on the 9 needs (security, adventure, freedom, power, exchange, expansion, communion, acceptance, expression), with comments.

Note: You will not be present for this channeling.  I will schedule the time to channel your report on my own and then email you the report once I have received all of the relevant information from Michael. Also, the flow of information for the reports tends to be less immediate than in a live session. I'm not sure why this is, but it means that your report may come 1 to 4 weeks later (on average) than the scheduled date I set aside for the channeling. Please take this into consideration when selecting this service.

Michael Live Chat (60min), $125

Michael Live Chat is a chat with Michael in the website's private chat room or on Discord (we can also use Zoom, Skype, or phone when necessary).  During your chat, you can ask them anything you like and get a real-time response.

3 Email Questions for Michael, $110

3 Email Questions for Michael where you can ask anything you like via email and get your answers sent back. ***The flow of information and answers for the emailed questions tends to be less immediate than in a live session. I'm not sure why this is, but it means that your answers to your emailed questions may come 1 to 4 weeks later (on average) than the scheduled date I set aside for the channeling. Please take this into consideration when selecting this service.

Please Note:

Channeling is a delicate, sensitive, and not-so-well-understood process. No channel is 100% accurate, and channels have "off" days.  Do not blindly accept any information given to you. Question and validate the information for yourself, as this supports true comprehension.

Also, for various and sometimes mysterious reasons, channeling cannot always be done "on demand". For this reason I ask for your understanding and patience with delays and/or reschedules. However, I will always communicate with you about the progress (or lack thereof!) on your channeled report or profile. I will always be working as best I can to get you the channeled information as soon as I can. Thank you!

5. Intuitive Reading & Counseling

During these readings, you can ask anything you like, and I may help you to reformulate your question so that you can get the most out of our time together. Oftentimes, intuitive work is about validating what you already know. Our time together helps you to trust what you already know. It is also a time to get additional insight and information that can help you to navigate your life with trust and confidence.

When I do these sessions, I resonate with your energy field and connect with you soul-to-soul. From there, I receive impressions, feelings, images, sounds and/or "knowing" that I interpret in relation to your questions. My style is down-to-Earth and candid.  Depending on your preference and the creative flow of the moment, I may or may not use tarot cards during your session.  As I don't predict the future (though I may give you probabilities based on my current interpretation of the way the future seems to be unfolding), you don't have to worry about having a "bad" reading!

These sessions are about empowering you and giving you guidance on how to best meet the next moments and phases of your life, whether those moments or phases happen to be challenging or easy.

  • Intuitive Consultation, $150 / 60min

6. Party and Group Astrological and Tarot Readings

Just about everyone loves a good party, including intuitive-healer types. If you would like for me to come to your party or event (San Diego County) and offer astrological and/or intuitive readings, your wish is my command!

Doing this work in these types of settings has always been tons of fun for me, without sacrificing the clarity and depth of the insights and information that I receive and share.  I can see your guests individually for brief (20 min), private sessions or for sessions with the entire group present and holding space for the readings.  For events, my hourly rate is increased due to the greater focus it takes for me to see different people, back-to-back, in rapid-fire style. Also, I can read for 8 people over 3hrs, but I will need a 20min pause somewhere in there!

  • Party Readings, $600 / minimum of 3hrs

Please Note

Spiritual mentoring, healing, and counseling are not a replacement for professional medical and/or mental health services. I provide spiritual, complementary, and alternative healing and counseling services. If you are in need of a professional medical and/or mental health practitioner, please use my services as an adjunct to theirs.

For any information please contact me via my contact page.

Who am I and what do I do?

Nick Sweeney, creator of PathAgape

Hi, I am Nick Sweeney (aka Babylove, your cosmic mama bear!), creator of PathAgape, and I welcome you!

I am a spiritual mentor, healer, and counselor (as well as a professional performing artist-actor/singer), with over eighteen years of professional experience working with clients.

The word spiritual refers to the process of seeking awareness and understanding of who and what we are beyond our names, our personalities, our egos, our bodies, our thoughts, our feelings, and the circumstances and events of our lives.

Therefore, spirituality refers to a process of gaining ever clearer and deeper self-awareness and self-knowledge.

Most importantly, to grow in our spirituality means to grow in our capacity to love ourselves and others unconditionally.

I use Evolutionary Astrology (as taught by the internationally known and well-respected, Steven Forrest), The Reiki System of Natural Healing, and The Michael Teachings as tools to help people grow in their spiritual awareness, heal and live more meaningful and fulfilling lives.

What I do in essence is far more simple; I help people learn how to love themselves.

The best way to get the most from our work together

Below is an outline of the path of working with me that I have found to be the most effective and supportive of my client's spiritual healing and evolution.

  • The first place to begin is with an Astrological Natal-Chart Reading. Through your natal chart, I connect deeply with the bigger picture of your life in terms of unresolved karmic issues (wounds and traumas) from the past that are ripe this lifetime to be healed and the specific evolutionary pathway forward for you to heal that karma and begin to experience a more magical and fulfilling life. This is a very specific and compassionate look at who you are, what holds you back from experiencing more peace, freedom, and fulfillment and how to heal, grow and experience more of your highest possibilities and potentials.
  • The next step I recommend would be the Astrological Transit and Progression Reading. This reading is like an astrological weather forecast that shows the current life patterns, challenges, opportunities and possibilities that are up for you now and that you must learn to navigate wisely at the time we begin working together. This reading puts your life and our work together in perspective in terms of what is the most immediate and critical areas of healing and growth for you NOW.

These first two methods of interacting with and getting to know you allow me to establish quick rapport with you, while also giving my intuition plenty of information and insight about you with which to begin understanding who you are at a deep level, what this lifetime is really about for you, where you are on the path of your spiritual healing journey and how best I can support and encourage your growth and well-being.

  • Next, if you wish to continue working with me, I recommend receiving regular, Reiki Healing Sessions to accelerate your growth and evolution and support you on your spiritual healing journey. Together we will agree upon a treatment plan that will work best for you, a plan that includes regular check-ins to make sure you are experiencing tangible benefits from our work together.
  • After receiving a few healing sessions, you will likely know whether or not you would like to move on to the next step and phase of our work together which goes deeper into forming a spiritual mentoring relationship, and that step would be learning how to use The Reiki System of Natural Healing for yourself as a spiritual healing path and practice. At the least, this would mean taking a Reiki I class to learn the basics of how to begin opening your awareness to your own spiritual life-force, and at the most would mean committing to taking all of the classes on the full Reiki training path: Reiki I, Reiki II and Reiki Master (Teacher). Reiki is what blew my perceptions of myself and life wide open and planted me firmly on my true spiritual path as a healer. I can't recommend it highly enough as a simple yet powerful path and practice for remembering who you truly are and getting on with loving yourself and experiencing your higher possibilities as a spiritual being having a human experience.

I recommend one more step after Reiki training, and it is an extra step for those who intuitively feel drawn to take it. This step is all about healing and evolving through studying with a non-physical teacher through me, the medium (or channel).

  • If you resonate with The Michael Teachings, you may be one of their students with whom they have worked and taught across many lifetimes, and you may benefit immensely from studying with them again in this lifetime. For some of us older souls, we not only have in-the-flesh teachers and mentors that we consciously seek out and use for support but also spirit or non-physical teachers and mentors who help us along our spiritual and evolutionary life journies. As one of Michaels' (I use the plural form of their name because Michael is a group soul consciousness) students, I can say that working with them through a channel (my channeling mentor, the ever dedicated and inspiring Troy Tolley of TruthLoveEnergy) and learning and applying their teachings to my own personal challenges, has been one of the most profound and liberating experiences of my life. They helped me to crystallize my experience of unconditional love, and I have never looked back.

Finally, my wild card service is Intuitive Reading & Counseling (sometimes with and sometimes without the use of Tarot Cards). This intuitive work can be useful anytime within or outside of the recommended flow of our sacred work together as shared above, whenever you have immediate and pressing questions, concerns and decisions to be made about any specific area of your life: work, love, money, home, creativity, travel, spirituality, etc. Or you may not have any pressing concerns but simply want a reading for the fun of it and for a general look at the energies in your life at any given moment. I don't recommend this service in my general spiritual mentoring plan because it is not critical for doing my best work with you. However, these readings are fun and magical for me to do and always insightfully healing and informative for my clients.

If you've read this far, you likely have a much better understanding of who I am and what I do, as well as how I can be of service to you.

Still, if you have any questions about this site or my services, please feel free to reach out to me via my contact page.

And of course, read on for more! I look forward to sharing PathAgape with you.

What is "PathAgape"?

“Agape” refers to our ultimate existence in the embrace of unconditional love.

And unconditional love can be defined as complete inclusion and non-attachment.

Life already loves us. We wake up to this embrace as we heal and learn to love ourselves.

PathAgape is the path we travel when we want to create deep and lasting transformation and healing. It is the pathway to peace and wholeness, knowing the soul, healing the wounds from the past, and creating a brighter and more fulfilling future.

More About Me

PathAgape is the path I walk, a path of striving to understand and implement in my day-to-day life what it truly means to love and be loved unconditionally. 

After all, this is the whole point of seeking spiritually. This is the truth that is shared from the heart of all of the world's major spiritual traditions-that we are loved unconditionally by the Source. Really getting this truth is the core of the spiritual journey, and this realization, even at the tiniest levels, is a game changer. It allows us to be innocent, as we have been created and to embrace the trial-and-error, experimental and evolutionary learning experience that is Earth School. And we are no longer weighed down by self-hate, self-rejection, self-criticism, negative comparisons to others and the like.

Before Reiki came into my life in 2002, I lived most of my days in a very painful state of self-hate, self-rejection, and self-criticism. I was also lost under the weight of familial and societal pressure to be someone that had no resemblance to who I am at my core. Like many of us, I felt like I was a hamster on a wheel, running, running, running to get somewhere but never arriving and never feeling fulfilled. And like many of us, I wanted to escape all the pain that this way of living caused by losing myself in a relationship or in the fantasies of escaping life on the physical plane through spiritual transcendence.

During my first Reiki initiation, I glimpsed my soul and its unconditionally loved and loving reality. Once glimpsed, I had to have more and understand more. Although I had already been exploring Eastern spiritual traditions and meditation, as well as studying Astrology and intuitive paths like the Tarot for years before Reiki came into my life, I had not actually glimpsed my soul. Reiki put me firmly on my authentic path of seeking and finding, which lead me to channeled sources of insight and information such as Abraham-Hicks, Lazaris, and Michael.

It was Michaels' teaching that gave me a key and showed me the doorway to understanding my life in a radically compassionate and empowered way. I walked through that door and found myself at peace and at home in my own skin.

For as long as I can remember, I have felt blessed and in awe of life, in spite of having experienced physical and emotional abuse as a child. And I have always wanted to share that experience of feeling blessed and in awe of life with others.

My evolutionary journey has been about discovering the truth of who I am versus who I was taught to be, learning how to heal myself and how to experience my own soul essence so that I can then truly support others in healing and making that connection for themselves.

PathAgape represents where I am now on my journey, and I use this vehicle to share all that I have learned so far. And when I say so far, I am referring to my entire grand cycle incarnating here in Earth School...for Michael has taught me that when you begin to manifest your true soul age and essence, you have intuitive access to all that your soul has learned during its physical plane journey throughout all of its incarnations. And of course, I am still learning.

I love Evolutionary Astrology, The Reiki System of Natural Healing and The Michael Teachings. I share these teachings and tools with you because they have helped me and continue to help me come home to and comprehend my true self.

I would say that the following sums up my understanding and intent with PathAgape:

When you get to know and love your personality/ego, then you get to know and love your soul, and when you get to know and love your soul, then you get to know and love your personality/ego.

There is no true division. All is one.

My Professional Background

I am an inspired Evolutionary Astrologer, Reiki Master-Teacher, and Michael Channel. I am dedicated to teaching others how to connect to their own truths through grounded and practical exploration of spirituality and healing and illuminating the extraordinary in the ordinary.

My passion to understand and heal myself has lead to me studying four different Reiki lineages based in Eastern and Western philosophy and practice, and becoming a Reiki Master in three of them: Usui Shiki Ryoho (2006), Reiki Jin Kei Do (2007), Gendai Reiki-ho (2008) and Reiki Tummo (2012).

My love for Reiki began in 2002, when a friend introduced me to it and it sparked my curiosity. After this initial introduction to this spiritual healing practice, I later trained with the late Margaret Ann Case of the former Reiki Arts Continuum. I completed her 450hr Reiki Master/Spiritual Healing/Spiritual Counseling Certification Program, her 120hr Teacher Training Program (2005-2007), as well as 3yrs of Mentoring and Co-teaching Reiki I and Reiki II classes at the New York Open Center (2006-2009). During this time of rigorous study, healing and growth, as a part of my spiritual healing and counseling certification requirements, I was ordained as a Priest in the Order of Melchizedek (Sanctuary of the Beloved).

I created my private spiritual healing and counseling practice under the name of Phoenix Wisdom Healing (2006), which later became PathAgape (2014).

As a student of Astrology for almost 30 years, I have professional certification in Medieval and Modern Astrology through the Academy of Predictive Astrology (London) and the National Council for Geocosmic Research. In 2017, I began studying with the internationally renowned Evolutionary Astrologer, Steven Forrest and have professional certification within his school of Evolutionary Astrology. I have been practicing Astrology professionally for 13 years.

In 2012 and 2013, I worked as a Professional Intuitive Guide at The Crystal Matrix (Los Angeles), integrating my 15 years of studying the intuitive arts, psychic development, and the Tarot.

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Theater from Oberlin College and a Master of Fine Arts in Acting from the American Conservatory Theater.

Originally from Nashville, TN, I currently reside in Boulevard, CA (San Diego County).

Fun Tidbits About Me

  • Born when the sun was in the sign of Capricorn (the elder), moon in Scorpio (the shaman) and rising sign in Cancer (the healer).
  • Numerological life-path number of 3, along with an expression number of 3. That's a double dose of 3 energy (creativity and communication), folks!
  • Spiritual family's nickname is "The Sweetheart Entity" (Michael Teachings Terminology).
  • Loves dark chocolate with almonds, hazelnuts, pecans, or just about any other kind of nut.
  • Played the role of Hud twice in the musical "HAIR" (once in high school and once in college), and played the role of Leading Player twice in the musical "Pippin" (once in high school and once in college).
  • Favorite movie of all time is "The Color Purple," and I can do a mean impression of just about every character in the movie, as well as practically perform the whole movie from start to finish by myself.  Ok, I'm exaggerating...a little...but not by much!
  • Auditioned for a role in the movie "Sister Act 2." Got a call-back, too!
  • Favorite color has always been blue (although, in the past year, it has become violet).
  • Loves many different tarot decks, but The Comic Tribe deck is my personal favorite (with the Thoth deck as a close 2nd)
  • Truly believes that the answer to every existential question and the best solution to every problem starts with LOVE.

If you would like to chat and/or work with me, do not hesitate to get in touch. Go to my contact page, reach out and let's connect.

I wish you the deep peace, freedom and fulfillment of knowing who you truly are.


Nick is the heart of his work. He truly loves what he does. He listens to the Spirit with integrity and he is respectful of boundaries. I have been receiving his readings annually and he showed me the Spirit in all of us, with love and kindness. He has my heart for the work that he brings to the world.
Joanna Crespo

~ Joanna Crespo, MBA,
Director in International Banking-NYC,
Reiki Master-Teacher & Founder of Reiki Rhapsody, LLC

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