Centering and Body Type

This is the fourth part of the Michael Profile Introduction. For more please go to the Michael Teachings Page.

12. Centering and Part of Center

Center refers to a center of gravity. As personality, we have 7 centers available to us, however, only 3 of those centers tend to be the ones we use habitually to help us navigate the world around us. Those 3 centers are the moving, emotional and intellectual centers.

Early in our development (between birth and our 2nd birthday), we choose one of these centers as our home-base for taking in and navigating the world around us.

Each center also has a “part” of center that connects to all other centers.

We take in life through our primary centering and we “put it back out” through the part.

For example, I am moving-centered with an intellectual part. I take in life through my body and through movement and action. Then, I make sense of my bodily sensations, movements, actions, and environment with my intellect and attempt to communicate what I have learned. Another way of understanding this is that in my younger years, I had a tendency to act first and think later.

In my case, the emotional center had been the neglected center for much of my life. In order to move beyond the trap of doing and thinking/thinking and doing, I had to learn to incorporate my emotional center (love and nurturing) into my consciousness. 

This balancing of the lower centers is essential to be able to have more access to the higher centers and by extension, the essence.

In this teaching, the 7 centers of gravity are NOT the same as the 7 chakras, although they do relate to them.

Here are the 7 centers with their corresponding chakras-from head/crown to feet/root:

  • Higher Intellectual Center (Crown/7)
  • Higher Emotional Center (3rd-Eye/6)
  • Intellectual Center (Throat/5)
  • Emotional Center (Heart/4)
  • Moving Center (Solar Plexus/3)
  • Higher Moving Center (Sacral/2)
  • Instinctive Center (Root/1)

Whereas the lower centers lie within the realm of personality (body, emotions and thought), the higher centers lie within the realm of essence (energy, love and truth, respectively).

When our lower centers are balanced, we can access the higher centers for brief periods, but we cannot sustain our awareness in higher centers while in the body. Those of us who are more spiritually inclined may try to live in these centers, but to do so misses the point of being physical.

Centering and part information is very helpful to validate because it gives you very practical tools for moving beyond your centering/part “trap” and into balance where your essence can be experienced.

13. Body type

Your body is the most fundamental part of personality: the foundation.  Michael has said that the body type, in a literal sense, is essence’s most basic and intimate idea of who it is while incarnated.  All of the other overleaves are expressed (harmoniously or with challenge) through the body type.

The body type is also a reflection of essence’s most basic karma.

The body type information is drawn from the symbolism of the 7 sacred planets:

Inspiration Types

  • Lunar (Server)
  • Saturnine (Priest)

Expression Types

  • Mercury (Artisan)
  • Jupiter (Sage)

Action Types

  • Mars (Warrior)
  • Venus (King)

Assimilation Type

  • Solar (Scholar)

You will have a primary body type, which would be your highest percentage of planetary influence. Then, you would have a secondary influence. Some have a tertiary influence, and some even have a very small quatenary influence.

The body types also have their influence and impact in 3 different contexts:

  • Appearance
  • Nature (psychological or body-consciousness)
  • Health

Usually, the primary body type (highest percentage) will have the greatest influence over appearance, but this is not always the case. And there does tend to be some overlap between all of the body types and the 3 contexts.

The body type information can be very useful in helping one to bring more consciousness to one’s basic health.

For example, my body type map looks like this:

  • Primary/Appearance – Mercury (agile, flexible, medium build and restlessness throughout the bodies)
  • Secondary/Nature – Venus (focus on receptivity, pleasure, affection and finding common ground)
  • Tertiary/Health – Solar (thymus is highlighted, self-esteem and immunity)
  • Quatenary – Uranian* (supports higher perceptions, creativity, visualization, problem-solving, etc.)

Validating my mercurial primary body type has helped me to bring more consciousness to my inner restlessness, which I balance with daily meditation and other conscious relaxation techniques.

Validating my venusian secondary body type has helped me to embrace my naturally warm and affectionate nature, along with the healthy benefits that come with treating myself to pleasurable massages, foods and company.

The biggest surprise for me, was validating my solar influence on health. Whereas I used to get frequent colds that would last for weeks, they have become a thing of the past. In general, my health and vitality are excellent, and I attribute this to the transformation in self-esteem that I have experienced over the past 7 years. Before learning to love myself unconditionally and learning to embrace my uniqueness, my self-esteem was very erratic and based on external validation. My self-esteem is now based on internal validation, and I see a direct correlation between this state and my health. Whenever I have a bought of self-doubt or self-criticism, I can literally feel my health slipping away. So I have learned to quickly re-center and re-align with my inner self-esteem during these times.

*Uranus, Neptune and Pluto can be smaller influences in our body type configurations, but they usually reflect extra-ordinary life-times and life-themes in some way. I think the Uranus influence serves me quite well in my creativity, channeling and healing work.

Further reading

This just about ends our initial exploration of the Michael Profile, but it would not be complete without a discussion of one last element of the profile: the chief negative feature or obstacles. The chief negative features are your primary stumbling blocks and obstacle to experiencing consciousness, true personality, essence and happiness/fulfillment. Living without fear means learning how to make fear your friend. This is the pathway to healing, manifesting your true essence and creating a life of meaning, purpose and fulfillment. These fears/self-protective patterns are: 

  • self-deprecation, arrogance, self-destruction, greed, martyrdom, impatience and stubborness.

I’ll go into more detail about each in Part V.

If you are interested in having your own Michael Profile channeled for you, you can contact me via email or a web form. Be sure to read about my services as well. Take Me to Part V.

For educational purposes, I’m also sharing my own Michael Profile. Let me know if you have any questions about it.

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