Neptune, Lord of the Ocean of Consciousness, appears to stand still in the heavens. Are you listening to your inner mystic, today?

Neptune Stands Still: A Potentially Numinous Day When the Spiritual Tide Turns

This is a visual reflection of the astrological "weather forecast" for today: specifically the Neptune station.

Happy Tuesday and last day of November, beautiful people!

As I looked at the astrological dance of aspects just now, I was immediately struck by Neptune, Lord of the Ocean of Consciousness, appearing to stand still in the heavens. Neptune went retrograde (appeared to move backwards) back in June, and now “she” is pausing in preparation to move forward, again.

From late June until now our “inner mystic” and “inner visionary” has been in retreat and withdrawal. For me this showed up as needing to retreat to quieter and more spacious environment where I could meditate, contemplate, and nurture my creativity with more ease. In one way or another, all of us have been doing a more intimate dance with our spiritual selves for the past five months. We’ve been more reflective and introspective about our own creative and spiritual depths. We needed that time to make a clearer connection to our deepest selves and hear what that source is “cooking up” for the next leg of our journey.

Ready to share your spirit with the world?

Now, the inner work we’ve done is ready to bear fruit in the outer world. If you have been doing your “spiritual practice” for the past five months, something has “clicked,” and you will now be ready to express this deeper attunement to Self in a more concrete way in the world. Are you ready to share that song you wrote? Is it time to get some feedback on that novel you’ve been working on? Are people ready to take that class you’ve been creating and preparing? Or perhaps it is time to come out of hiding as a spiritual rather than a religious person!

However it looks for you, today is a day where those mystical vibes are heightened, and we can all stand back a bit and gain some distance from the petty dramas of our lives while experiencing the bigger truth of our wonder and beauty as spiritual beings having a human experience.

What to do with all this sensitivity?

But do take care, we will all be feeling the good along with the bad more intensely today, and there may be a tendency to numb-out, to escape all the strange and wondrous feelings that may be bombarding us today. Better to get still and quiet, to “meditate,” to contemplate, to pray, to listen for that still small voice instead of numbing out and attempting to lose ourselves in oblivion. And do check things out! Our imaginations will be running in overdrive, today, and everything may not be what it appears to be. So, ask questions! Validate what you think you see and know, especially when it comes to others and our relationships.

This powerful, standing-still-in-the-sky Neptune, is interacting with our personal relationship planets, Venus (yin) and Mars (yang). So, there is great potential for feeling a deep connection with our loved ones, for forgiveness, for acceptance, for mindfulness with our loved ones, but also for projection and delusion where our relationships are concerned.

There could be a storm brewing.

Pluto, God of Darkness, is also adding his gravitas to the intimacy realm and urging us to be courageous enough to face our own wounds and own our own shit! That shit may be coming up from deep within right about now, and there is opportunity for radical honesty with ourselves and our loved ones so that we can release the wounds of the past and heal them.

All in all, it is a potentially enchanting day that may have a magical and mysterious atmosphere. Give yourself some nice pauses today to tune into your deeper and wider spiritual self. Connect, soul to soul, heart to heart, with someone you love. Be honest with them and thank them for putting up with your crazy and loving you, anyway. You won’t be sorry!

A beautiful tarot card reflection (above)

Finally, I love this tarot card I pulled to reflect the magic in the heavens and in our hearts for today: FLOWERING from the Osho Zen deck. It reflects the loving potential of today’s enchanting vibes, as long as we can trust that caring, loving, generous part of ourselves and delight in being the giver rather than the taker in our relationships. The figure in the image is in full harmony, peace, and joy; she is in her abundance and joys in sharing that love and abundance with others. I’d say it’s a wonderful reflection and insight that is riding the deeper Neptunian waves of higher consciousness, reminding us that the greatest gift we have to give each other is being our true, loving selves-our soulful, spiritual selves. Have an enchanting day, beautiful people!

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