December Patterns & Insights: Your Presence, Here and Now, is Your Power.

Happy December, beautiful souls! I’ll get to the December patterns and insights in a moment but first-here we are at the last month of the year, and what a year it’s been! The “Pandemic Era” has changed everything, and I doubt if there is one person who has been spared from going through the fire of change and transformation this year and last year.

Even though the holidays are upon us, I know it might be hard to disengage from the constant stream of nightmarish news and social media posts. This month, my hope is that we can and will set aside the frightful realities of these times long enough to be with each other, love each other, and remember that our choices and actions to support the good, the beautiful, and the true, do matter.

I also hope to give us some helpful insights into the month ahead, insights that can help us center ourselves in our true personalities, so that we can navigate the themes and patterns of the month with presence, power, grace, and love. I’ll be using astrology, Lon Art’s mesmerizing oracle cards, and the Michael Entity’s insights and perspectives in order to get a sense of what “territory” we’ll be traveling through in December. Alright, let’s dive in!

December patterns and insights from an astrological perspective

December’s astrology kicked-off with a very idealistic and expansive new moon solar eclipse in Sagittarius. Mercury, messenger of the gods, also played their part (the traditionally androgynous mercury could be seen as non-binary) to set quite an uplifting atmosphere for living life as an adventure and as a quest for deeper, wider, and more beautiful truth and meaning.

In other words, December invites us all to release what we thought we knew and open our hearts and minds to new information and “communication” from each other, the world around us, and life itself. We have the opportunity to expand our consciousness and enjoy life to the fullest. See my last post for more on this December eclipse of “awakening” and the quest for truth and understanding.

The second half of the month unfolds with a complex array of symbolism in the heavens, setting the stage for an intense, potentially emotional, and introspective finale to the year.

Specific astrological dates and themes for December

Here’s a list of the astrological aspects for December that seem to stand out the most:

3rd/4thNew Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius (with cameo by Mercury) ~ New Beginnings and possibilities for expansion in consciousness around truth, meaning, and philosophical clarity.

11th-20th – Venus, Goddess of Love and Peace meets Pluto, Lord of the Underworld before she stands still in the sky and reverses her course to begin her retrograde cycle ~ Potential wounds triggered in relationships; re-evaluation of relationships; potential for healing deep wounds around intimacy and trust (this theme will continue beyond December!).

21st – Winter Solstice/Sun enters Capricorn ~ Deeply introspective vibrations; deep inside “the light” is reborn; solitude; reflections on what Great Works we all want to commit to bringing into the world over the next year and beyond.

22nd – Nodal axis shifts to Scorpio & Taurus (the beginning of a 1.5yr cycle) ~ Time for some shadow-work as traumatic collective karma ripens and surfaces for healing (1.5yr cycle begins); the healing medicine lies with the virtues of Taurus which include loving and caring for our bodies, letting Mother Nature heal us, and cultivating as much peace, calm, and silence as we can manage.

23rd – 3rd and final square for the year between Saturn and Uranus ~ More invitation to release conflict between the “old” and the “new,” the past and the call of the future; time to innovate, create, and build what is helpful using the structures of the past as launching points into the future; embrace steady change and evolution.

28th – Jupiter enters Pisces ~ Experience your own divinity; find that place of stillness and peace inside; invite new visions for your life; dreaming and daydreaming; faith and trust in the processes of life; learning non-attachment and forgiveness

There it is, cosmic beauties, some highlights of the journey this month as reflected by the “lights” in the sky.

December oracle card insights

Now, let’s see what the oracle cards have to add:

December patterns and insights-Presence from Lon Art's Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck
Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck by Lon Art

Presence! This could have been the card pulled for this entire year. Presence always serves us, no matter what circumstance is upon us. But something about December’s terrain is calling on us to be even more present in our bodies, in the here and now. Whenever we notice that we are feeling anxious, paranoid, helpless, or hopeless, it is a red flag that we are either replaying the past or over-anticipating the future, and it is time to bring ourselves back to the present and to our own presence.

This card is alerting us to the challenging realities that may be ahead in the month of December. It’s letting us know that staying in the present as much as possible is the way to navigate this time with power and awareness.

For those who may be wondering how to come back to the present, the ways are plentiful! One “easy” way is to focus your full attention on your breath for a few moments and simply sense what it is like to be breathed by life. Remembering the breath is such a simple way to return to the present moment. Once you have allowed yourself to be with your breath in the moment, you can open up to being with whatever your senses of sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing are receiving, and just be for a few moments without the need to do anything.

Presence can open us to a spaciousness that allows everything to simply exist as it is. This space gives us the ability to then choose how to respond to the moment. One choice that is always empowering is to let go of that which we cannot control and focus our full attention on what we can control. Presence helps us to focus on what can be done, now, and to release the rest.

Being here and now with our multidimensional presence is also how we are able to receive those timely “nudges,” insights, intuitive hits, inspirations, impulses, and ideas that can help us to move forward with confidence and grace.

I’ll end this oracle card reflection with a quote from The Bible, from Psalm 46:10: “Be still and know that I am God”. I’m spiritual, not religious, but I love this quote for its simple and powerful guidance on how to return to our presence in the moment, to our quiet knowing and “still small voice,” to our power of choice to respond compassionately to whatever life throws at us. It invites the “God” that we are in essence to come to the foreground of our awareness, to be present with us, here and now, so that we have access to more compassionate resources. When we sense this inner divinity, it helps us to calm our minds and do what is best in the moment.

Michael Entity speaks about the patterns of December

Finally, I’ll invite the Michael Entity to share their perspective on the energies of the month ahead. I have asked them to use anything shared above to elaborate upon in addition to any new insights they may want to share that come from their own teaching.

The Michael Entity

Hello, everyone. We are here, now. Now, is where we always are, as are you. But we know that most of you lose this reality of existential presence as you are swept up in the currents of your mind. Therefore you are continuously swept back into the past or forward into the future. There is nothing wrong in this, but as we know you know, it can often feel quite numbing, anxiety producing, and painful. And if there is anything at all “wrong” in this habitual roller-coaster ride in your mind, it is simply that you forget the truth of your own presence in those moments when you are neither here nor there, and you trick yourselves into thinking you are powerless to affect change in the past or the future.

We are here to remind you that your “point of power,” so to speak, is the here and now where you can be conscious in your choices and decisions, which actually modifies and changes the past and the future. In other words, if you are worried about the past or the future, remember to return to the truth of the present so that you can actually “shape” the past and the future. It does you no good to dismiss your powerful presence here and now or to deny your power of choice here and now.

In our teaching “presence” is another word for “power”. When you are present, you are at your most powerful. And we do not mean power over others but rather, power with and for others. Presence and power mean that you are inclusive in your awareness and “digesting” as much of the present “data” as you possibly can. An important piece of this data is the awareness of possible and probable consequences for how you either react or respond to the stimuli of the moment.

Presence is powerful because when you are present, you are able to remember that you have a choice from moment to moment; you do not have to be at the mercy of your feelings or thoughts or the mercy of others’ demands. Be, here, now, and choose how to best respond to life. Of course, you can only respond to the best of your ability. You can only control that which you can control, but being present ensures that your choices can have the most beneficial impact for all concerned.

We are not surprised that “Presence” was the oracle card selected to give insight into the month ahead, as we can see patterns of instability in the month ahead. This is nothing new, especially considering the patterns of the last five years or so, but this next wave of intensity could prove to be a bit more disturbing as you are heading into the time of year that you have set aside for your most expansive holidays.

We will echo our channel and encourage you to “unplug” from the “information glut” of news and social media that threatens to continue to erode your ability to stay rooted in universal truth. One such important truth is that your collective is in the throws of birth and experiencing very real birth pains or growing pains, but contrary to the way it may appear, you are evolving and moving forward. There will continue to be bumps and bruises as you move forward, but you are moving forward.

To help you trust this movement forward, we would suggest reaching out to each other. In each of you is reflected years and years, lifetimes and lifetimes, of your strength and confidence and knowing of how to move forward during challenging times. You not only help each other to move forward in practical ways, but you inspire each other to move forward in how you use your love and creativity.

December looks to be a month where you will learn from the “school of hard knocks” how to either return to presence and the power of choice in order to move forward gracefully, or lose your presence and power of choice through over-identifying with a future that only exists as potential in your collective imagination.

There are many possible future realities, and some of them look bleak, indeed, for your species. These are possible futures, though they are not the most probable at this moment in time. There are also many quite extraordinary possible futures for your species. What we have tried to communicate at this time is that in order to shape your futures toward the most ideal and pleasant, you do well to bring yourself back to the present moment, often, in the month of December.

In summary, it will be helpful to pause and “fast” from information over December, which will support you in returning to your presence. Help each other to be present by reminding each other that you do not exist alone. Savor your holidays with each other, as you sink deeper and deeper into your presence and power. Release what cannot be controlled, and focus on what you can do, here and now, to help move your collective forward into a more humane and compassionate future.

Goodbye for now.

Warm holiday wishes for a beautiful and magical December

Thank you, Michael!

Ok, lovely souls, onwards and upwards into the holidays! And just so you know, I have already begun my information fast, and I feel better already!

I wish you all magical, loving, and fulfilling holidays.

And please feel free to share any insights or inspirations related to this post in the comments section below-cheers!

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